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Manage your addiction with online guidance

Take life into your own hands and start living as YOU choose, not as your addiction desires.




The 3 biggest Myths
Misrepresented About Addiction

  • Addiction is entirely a matter of choice
  • Addiction is only due to psychological dependence
  • Addiction is exclusively due to brain disorder

Addiction is entirely a matter of choice

Addiction is only due to psychological dependence

Addiction is exclusively due to brain disorder


Stop listening to what society condemns you as a morally flawed person

Society accuses you of:
“You are an addict, and you need immediate help”
“You need to get locked up in some rehab and stay clean”

What is really happening is that you are experiencing a substance use disorder mistaken for addiction

It is a condition that you experience at this time of your life. Your condition does not define you as a person. The condition is something separate from you. And together, we can face it.

Neither the disease nor the patient is bad

It makes sense that you can’t picture new habits you haven’t acquired because you’ve learned a different routine of dysfunctional behavior. But you start to wonder what such a change would look like in your life.

By now, you know that your addictive behavior:

It worries you,

You notice consequences in your daily life, your performance at work is affected, and you feel a little distant from your own people.

you want to cut it off,

You realize that if you keep going at this rate, it’s going to be a big problem. You promise yourself that from Monday, you will hold back more effectively, you will give in less.

but you don’t.

“Okay, one more week, and then I’ll quit.” you reassure yourself.

You have a hard time imagining your life WITHOUT your addiction

Looking for help is difficult, 
and yet you did it

I know that it took work for you to find the strength, to search to find this page you are reading. But you did it! This shows genuine self-care.

Welcome to
Apexartisi Online
Addiction Management Counseling

At Apexartisi Online, we have developed
an effective methodology
to deal with dependencies.

How do we work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT

You will face the problem, understand your thoughts and feelings, and learn to manage the factors that push you into your addiction.

12 Step Therapy

You will strengthen your self-esteem, learn to manage your emotions, and you will discover the way to live.

Participation in experiential groups

You will get in touch with your identity and interpersonal communication skills and become independent from feelings of marginalization.

Recovery Coaching

You will experience life and fun without the influence of addiction, reconnect with your family and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Inter-Theoretic model

An integrated framework of understanding, assessment, and intervention for behavior change

Family care and support sessions

We help not only you but also your family. It’s just as important to you as it is to them.

Dependencies we undertake


















Personalized program

There is no exact cure for everyone. Each person is different, so the program adapts to your own needs.

Online wherever you are

The treatment is done from the safety of your space. Wherever you are, wherever is convenient for you. With only one device connected to the internet.


You can start entirely anonymously. You only share information you feel comfortable with. You can not activate your camera.

Specialized professionals

You come into contact with experienced therapists and mental health counselors who have helped thousands of people with addictions.

Hello, I’m Eva,
and this is my husband Kostas. We are the most popular addiction management counselors in Greece.

At 17, we got addicted to heroin.

With the proper support, we could deal with our addiction and stay off the use for the rest of our lives. This experience changed us. And together, we dedicated our lives to what we really love. So, now, we help people who are dealing with addictions to deal with it and win back the life they want.

Believe me, I feel you because I have been addicted to psychoactive substances for … years, and yet after:

  • I have created my own happy family, and I am a proud mom of two wonderful boys
  • We established the largest and the most modern De-addiction Center in Greece
  • I'm doing a job where I'm 100% myself, and I've skyrocketed my career
  • I continue to follow the latest developments in addiction treatment with courses at major universities from around the world
  • I picked up drug addicts off the street and gave them a second chance
  • I have helped over 3.000 people to take life into their own hands
  • I have been involved in coaching for years

And now, I am here to help you free yourself
from any form of addiction

I’m glad you’re reading these words right now.
Because you wouldn’t be reading them if you didn’t know that YOU ARE WORTH MORE (successful career, happy family, happy moments…). Being here right now is the first step to achieving your desired change. And I know better than anyone how…


But think about this… If it was easy, everyone would be doing it on their own.
So for you here, I believe in your will to bring change. And you will as others have done. You just have to want it.

Addiction, unlike other diseases,
is more in your control

You can’t control leukemia or hepatitis. But you can take specific steps to tame an addiction that is currently bothering you.

Be the person you want to be in your life, changing everything that holds you back

After our sessions, you will be a different person. You will be a person who has achieved his goals. You will be who you want.


  • You are in a vicious cycle of futile attempts to break out
  • You live with the anxiety that your people will learn something
  • It scares you when you see it holding you back in your work
  • You get frustrated with yourself for holding you back from your goals
  • You see that you are not achieving the goals you set


  • You are in control of your addiction
  • You have practical steps on what to do
  • You have immediate access to support in case of failure
  • You focus on achieving your goals
  • You have the peace of mind to focus on what is important to you

I know very well what it’s like to:

  • You feel stuck in this situation. For months or years, you say something will change. But it changes absolutely nothing. It just keeps going, it's a habit that doesn't stop.
  • You feel misunderstood because of how those around you treat you. Even your own people who changed their behavior when they learned about your addiction.
  • You get frustrated with what you haven't achieved in your life, even though you know you have the ability to achieve it.
  • To end the day and feel that you could have done more constructive things.
  • To have neglected people and habits that give you absolute joy and fulfillment.

Can you be honest with yourself about these questions?

Are you exactly where you want to be in your life?
Have you achieved what you desire and know you deserve?
Is this the best you can do for you?

Your marital status, financial comfort, knowledge level, or age is completely IRRELEVANT.

Answer without making excuses. Do you deserve more?

IF YES, then Apexartisi Online sessions are for you!

Are you willing to do something about the life you want to have?
No one will offer you anything. You have to achieve it. No one stands in the way of your success. The life you want to have is entirely in your hands.

And now you are faced with a decision that you must make:


Do you choose to stay where you are now? Is this the best you can imagine for your life?



You enter the Apexartisi Online program and start taking steps toward the life you want to have.

It’s OK to be scared of a new decision,
but it’s not OK to let that fear stop you from achieving the life you want


To be successful TOMORROW, you must do something about it TODAY.

Take control of your life in your own hands

Face your fears

Get to know yourself better and start doing things you love

Achieve your financial goals

Adopt healthy habits

Μπορείς να είσαι ειλικρινής με τον εαυτό σου, για αυτή την ερώτηση;

The most profitable investment is in yourself

You only have 1 life to live.
Are you really doing your best to live it exactly the way you want?
How much is your life worth to be the way you want it to be?
Is there a price for your own happiness and success? Probably not.


Not sure if the program is for you?

Without any commitment, let’s first get to know each other in a 45-minute meeting you will:

  • See if you feel comfortable with the online process
  • Evaluate the situation to see if the program can help you



One time only


The money you invest in yourself is less than your dose

How much does it cost you to give in to your addiction?
How much money have you lost so far? €500, €1.000, €5.000, €10.000?
Would you pay €400 to stop wasting so much?
And the most promising…


Yes, you heard that right because that’s how an investment works. When you manage your addiction, you have a clear mind to focus on your work and earn as much money as you decide.

Rather, when you are trapped in this state of addiction, you are simply wasting money to pay for your addiction, which you will never get back.


Apexartisi Online sessions are not for everyone

Apexartisi Online is not for you if:

  • You haven't seen your problem head-on
  • You have severe deprivation
  • You come against your will
  • You are heavily medicated
  • Along with addiction, there are diagnosed-inflated psychiatric problems.
  • You don’t recognize that addiction is a mental illness and not a physical condition

Η Apexartisi Online is for you if:

  • NYou have seen your problem
  • NYou have realized that you have become dependent on something, and you want to deal with it before it affects your life
  • NYou have limited time due to professional obligations
  • NYou don't want to go to a closed program to deal with your addiction
  • NYou want to ensure your anonymity
  • NYou want to face your addiction to the comfort of your own space
  • NYou are in a remote area and have no other option to deal with your addiction
  • NYou are Greek living in another country, but you feel more comfortable working on this in your native language

Experiences of people who survived the nightmare of addiction

“After despair came the light!”

I started treatment with Eva a year ago. A year later, I am clean and full of emotions! It helped me find myself and know my feelings. Thank you so much for everything!

“I found a person who understands my experiences.”

The online session of Apexartisi is synonymous with my personal recovery, redemption, and success. From the first sessions with Eva, I understood that I had found a person who understood my experiences and could read me at a glance from the online screen. Eva gained my trust, and now the first and decisive step was taken; I started to tell truths to Eva and then to everyone around me. Thank you, Eva and Kostas, for everything!

“I found the thirst for life again.”

I was cruel…to myself, but also to others. A person without limits and self-destructive, full of permanent stress and pressure. It didn’t go any further. I decided to do something for myself. I started the online process. I was filled with strength. I began to discover feelings, to calm down, to love myself. Group and individual training became my daily need since I learned and discovered myself there. I began to find the thirst for life, not to be psychologically dependent on others but only on my own thoughts and actions.

Do you want a new life without addictions?

These are the following steps:

Step #1

You already did. You are here reading this page.

Step #2

Make an identification contact appointment

Press the button on the top right and choose a day and time for your session.

Step #3

Approval to join the sessions

We confirm that the program can help you and arrange our first session.



APEXARTISI ONLINE simplifies a problematic situation by seamlessly incorporating all the best-proven strategies that usually take multiple treatments to discover. Our holistic model guides you through the deeper emotional causes of your addiction, so you can reach beyond sobriety and achieve profound, lasting change in your life.

Why online?

APEXARTISI ONLINE is designed to meet real-life challenges such as hectic schedules, family needs, tight budgets, and the fear of crisis. Our online, on-demand approach allows you to explore the root causes of your addiction anytime, on any device. It’s as private or public as you want, and you can still achieve the positive change you deserve.

What types of treatments are used in online rehab?

Like in-structure rehab, you can access many different kinds of treatments through online rehab. Below are some of the most effective forms of treatment you may encounter.

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of mindfulness-based therapy that focuses on behavior change. It is one of the most popular and effective forms of addiction treatment as it empowers patients to take control of their thoughts and stop negative cycles.

  1. Family therapy

Apexartisi online provides family therapy, allowing family members to join you in the counselling sessions.

This can be beneficial for both parties – you will be able to address any negative family dynamics and issues that may be contributing to the addiction, and your family members will be able to get support for the effects the addiction has had on them.

One study looked at the effectiveness of online family therapy and found that it positively impacted participants, as well as better access and acceptance.

  1. Group therapy

In most cases, the majority of online addiction counselling sessions will involve group therapy. This is a great way to interact with other people sharing similar experiences, which can help you feel less alone.

In a group therapy session, each person will have the opportunity to talk and share their thoughts on the specific topic or their own experiences, while an experienced counsellor will lead the session.

  1. Individual treatment

Patients will also benefit from individual therapy sessions in online detox. This is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with your advisor, share your thoughts and feelings, and benefit from their insight and guidance.

Although individual therapy can seem intimidating, it gets easier the more you do it. This is because you will form a connection with your counsellor and begin to feel more comfortable opening up to them.

  1. Partner support therapy

It may be helpful for your spouse or partner to attend online therapy sessions with you, both as a means of support and to give you a different perspective.

Partner support therapy can enable your partner to understand the most effective ways to support you and themselves during this time. A 2019 study revealed that those with support from their partner were more likely to complete their treatment program and achieve a higher quality of life.

  1. The 12-step model

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) follow the 12 Steps, which are a list of actions you can take to work toward recovery.

At APEXARTISI ONLINE, you will meet the 12-step model in a group setting, and they can be completed effectively through online addiction. You don’t have to do every step perfectly – this program is about doing your best and progressing at your own pace.

What if I'm already sober?

While sobriety is extremely helpful in all aspects of life, it is not all needed for well-being. We teach complete emotional wellness so sobriety isn’t dull or painful. Relapse happens when we change our behavior without really changing internally. This program covers the core themes of dynamic transformation, such as acceptance, tolerance, compassion, belonging, purpose, and reflection, so that addiction becomes a thing of the past.

How are the sessions held?

The sessions are held via video call. The equipment needed is a smartphone or a computer. The apps we use are Viber, WhatsApp and Zoom.

What time are the sessions held?

Individual sessions are by appointment based on your schedule and the availability of the therapy team. Group sessions are pre-arranged, and times and days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 21:00 to 22:30.

Can I opt out of group sessions?

Although group sessions are highly therapeutically beneficial in dealing with addiction, APEXARTISI ONLINE allows the creation of personalized programs based on the needs of each client to create a personal program of support and guidance.

How long is the program?

Our support and guidance are personalized, and the therapeutic relationship is renewed based on the outcome.

Is APEXARTISI ONLINE only for people with an addiction?

No, APEXARTISI ONLINE is not just about people with an addiction. It is also about the people around him who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy provider of guidance and information about addiction to help the addict himself and themselves.


No, the service is available in charge.

Is there a privacy policy?

Yes. Your privacy is guaranteed and is our priority. From the moment you first contact us to the moment you join a group with other Apexartisi online members, we protect your identity and communication at every step. Of course, to benefit from any therapeutic program, group members should share their thoughts and feelings with their counsellors and group session members. But how much you open up and share is up to you.

Can someone else see me when I'm in a group session?

The only people who can see you are other members of the APEXARTISI ONLINE team and our consultants. APEXARTISI ONLINE clients often develop close bonds through their shared experience in group sessions, and of course, your APEXARTISI ONLINE consultant needs to get to know you. These real bonds are only possible if your team can see each other. However, initially, we give you the leeway to have the camera off until you feel comfortable.

Do I have to use my real name in group sessions?

We encourage you to use only your first name and the initial of your last name or a nickname you choose.

Can someone else be in the room when I have a group session?

No. As a customer of APEXARTISI ONLINE, you are responsible for keeping what you see and hear in the group confidential. APEXARTISI ONLINE customers agree to keep their home area and computer equipment safe for the entire team. Access to a third party is permitted only in specific cases. For example, when an APEXARTISI ONLINE client has a one-on-one therapy session in which family participation may be deemed therapeutic by the APEXARTISI ONLINE counsellor, then special permission may be given for the family to be present.

Why not live the life you choose when you have one life to live and nothing to lose?